Research Projects

Chinese Migration and Networks: Local and global Issues 

 Project Title (Completed)
PI/Research Staff
Cultural Transplant and Construction of Chinese Communities:
A Project of Document and Research on Singapore Chinese Communities 
LEE Guan Kin



Chinese Education in Southeast Asia

 Project Title (Completed)
PI/Research Staff
A Collection and Critique of Documents on Tan Lark Sye​
LEE Leong Sze​ 

LEE Guan Kin ​​​
The History of Nanyang University​
LEE Guan Kin 


Chinese Tradition and Pop Cu​lture in Asia

 Project Title (Completed)
PI/Research Staff
Chinese Family & Marriage in Singapore
CHOI Kwai Keong​​​​
Chinese Epigraphic Materials in Malacca​
CHNG Khin Yong


Chinese History and Folklore in Asia

 Project Title (Completed)
PI/Research Staff
Changes of a Chinese Clan Association since World War II: 
A Case Study of Bi Shan Ting
​ZENG Ling
The Cultural Identity of Singapore Chinese Clan Groups:
 A Case Study of Singapore Kwong Wai Siew Peck San Theng
​ZENG Ling
​The History of Chinese Missionary Publications in Singapore (1832-1844)
CHNG Khin Yong

Chinese Language and Dialects in Asia ​

  Project Title (Completed)
PI/Research Staff
New Terms for New Ideas: Lexical Changes During 
PI: CHEW Cheng Hai (NIE)

Member:​ CHNG Khin Yong 
Chinese Language Written Proficiency Test for 
Primary 3 Students
PHUA Chiew Pheng
Comparison of Minnan Dialect in Singapore, 
Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan
ZHOU Changji
A Grammar of Singapore Mandarin
LU Jianming
A Survey of Language Use and Language Attitudes 
in the Singapore Chinese Community
TAN Pack Ling

CHEN Songcen
Dialect in Singapore and the Minnan Regional Culture
ZHOU Changji
Survey of the Chinese Proficiency of Secondary and
University Students in Hong Kong & Singapore
A Comparative Lexicology Study on Mandarin in Singapore 
& Mainland China
LI Linding
Chinese Dialects in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan:
 Their Recent Development and Geographical Distribution
WOON Wee Lee
Language Attrition in Singapore: The Chinese Community
GOH Yeng Seng
Singapore Minnan Dialect-Proverbs and Folk Songs
ZHOU Changji


Chinese Literature in Asia ​​

 Project Title (Completed)
​​​​​PI/Research Staff
An Anthology of Southeast Asian Chinese Literature
Since 1945
WOON Wee Lee
Social Changes in Singapore as Seen in 
Singapore Chinese Fiction
WONG Meng Won
Compilation of Literary Criticisms on 20th Century 
Singapore Chinese Literary Writers and Their Works
WONG Meng Won
Body Politics in Modern Chinese Literature
GE Hongbing
Comparative Chinese Literature Studies
GU Zuzhao
Modern Views on Traditional Literary Theory
TONG Qingbing
The Retirement-Political Commitment Paradox of
 Ancient Chinese Literati