Former Postgraduate Students and Projects (1999-2006)

With the establishment of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) in 2003, the Centre has come under the HSS's family with its teaching responsibilities being transferred to the Division ​of Chinese, and continues to focus on the projects of academic research as well as publication. Here below is the list of former  postgraduate students who had completed their Masters and Doctor of Philosophy programmes at the centre from 1999 to 2006.
​​Research Topic​ ​Supervisor(s) ​Year of Graduation
​​​ ​ ​ ​​​​Ph.D Programme​
ZHOU Zhaocheng The Relationship between Nantah & Singapore Government (1953-1980) A/P LEE Guan Kin ​2006
​CHING Khin Yong A Study on Publications in Chinese Publications in Malacca & Singapore During the First Half of 19th Century​
​Prof KUO Chen-yu, Eddie,
Prof CHEW Cheng Hai
​LEE Leong Sze Tan Lark Sye & Nantah ​ ​A/P Lee Guan Kin 2004​
​TANG Li Pre-Modern Chinese Colloquial Expressions​
​Prof CHEW Cheng Hai,
A/P Crossland- Cuo Shuyuan
​Yu Xiao Ying ​The Phonology of the Southern Min Dialects in Singapore ​A/P GOH Yeng Seng ​2001
​​M.A. Programme
​Li Yimei ​The Theme of Love for Contemporary Chinese Women Writers: The Inter-Relation between Their Life and Their Works ​Asst Prof SONG Geng ​2006
​SUN Ling Ling Tectual Reading and Cultural Analysis: The Phenomenal of San Mao and You Jin in China​ ​Asst Prof HSIUNG Hsien- kuan ​2005
​YANG Ying Seeking Cultural and Gender Indentity: Re-reading ​the Ficttion by Singaporean Chinese Women Writers in the 1980s ​Asst Prof Hsiung hsien-kuan ​2005
​HUE Guan Thye Buddhism​ in Singapore: Past and Present ​A/P CROSSLAND-GUO Shuyun ​2005
​WANG Yimin ​Rethinking Wang Shuo: Popular Culture in Contemporary China (1984-2000) Asst Prof SONG Geng​ ​2005
​LEE Kean Yau The Evolution of Graphic Variants and the Standardization of ​Standard Characters in Model Characters ​Prof CHEW Cheng Hai ​2005
​LIM Wan-chi The image of Hakka Women: Evidence from Society and Folk Tales ​ ​A/P CROSSLAND-GUO Shuyun ​2004
​LING Ching Ching ​A Study of the Sarawak Iban Folk Culture and Performance Arts, and the nuance of Chinese Culture ​A/P CROSSLAND-GUO Shuyun 2004​
​KHE Su Lin A Study of Nanyang University Student's​ Union A/P LEE Guan Kin​ 2003​
​SIAN Suk Wee, Vivian A Study of Malaysian Chinese Children Literature: Cultural Continuity & Localism ​ ​A/P CROSSLAND-GUO Shuyun 2002​
​CHENG Fang Language Attrition in the Hakka Chinese Community of Singapore A/P GOH Yeng Seng ​2001
CHIN Sin Yee A Study of the Hakka Dialect in Singapore and Malaysia A/P WOON Wee Lee ​2000
DU Lin The Cultural Anxiety in Singapore Chinese Poetry (1965-1985) A/P CHIA Shih Yar ​1999
CHAI Mary​​ The Localization of Malayan Chinese Fiction During the Post-War Period (1945-1965)
A/P CHAN Chiu Ming,
Dr. WONG Men Won
WANG Xiaomei A Study of Code-s​witching in Singapore Chinese Community Prof CHEW Cheng Hai ​1999
KOH P​​ei Ling A Study​​​ of Mandarin Code-mixing Among Chinese Tertiary Students in Singapore A/P WOON Wee Lee ​1999