Gaze at Alien Lands: Eileen Chang’s Nanyang Writing and Its Significance

Topic Gaze at Alien Lands: Eileen Chang’s Nanyang Writing and Its Significance
​Speaker Professor Wang Yanfang (School of Chinese Language and Literature, Jiangsu Normal University)
Chairperson Associate Professor Wu Deli (Visiting Scholar, Chinese Program, School of Humanities, NTU)
​Time 18 April 2018 (Wednesday), 2:30 - 4pm
​Venue CCLC Conference Room (Chinese Heritage Centre, Level 1)

About Speaker

Wang Yanfang: Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Jiangsu Normal University; PhD, Nanjing University; Post Doctorate, Soochow University; Visiting scholar at NTU, UVA and HKBU; and now a visiting researcher in the Centre of Chinese Language and Culture at Nanyang Technological University Singapore. Her main research fields are Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Chinese Women’s Literature and Overseas Chinese Literature. She published Female Writing and Self-identification (2000) , Identity Writing in Different Times—A Study of Hong Kong Women’s Fiction (2015), Alone in a world of chaos—Feelings and Communications of Eileen Chang (2015), Women’s Literature under the Mass Media Perspectives(2016). She also published more than 80 papers on Literary Review, Modern Chinese Literature Researches Series, Contemporary Writers Review, Comparative Literature in China and other academic journals.


Eileen Chang has never been to Nanyang for her whole life. However, for Eileen Chang, Nanyang is not a nonentity. From time to time, Nanyang's image appears in Eileen Chang's literary imagination and becomes a haunting Nanyang complex. In a variety of different appearances, the image of Nanyang appears in her novels, essays and screenplays, Nanyang story fragments, South Pacific character groups as well as Southeast Asia native customs and overseas Chinese concept. Both of them involve the religion of Nanyang and the art of Nanyang; not only the Nanyang customs but also the Nanyang culture. In addition, Eileen Chang also calmly observed and analyzed the groups of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, forming a unique style of Nanyang writing and constructing the unique Nanyang imagination in the history of Chinese modern literature, and influenced the creation of contemporary Chinese writers in Southeast Asia.​

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