A Study of Biographical on Gao Xingjian

Topic A Study of Biographical on Gao Xingjian
​Speaker Professor Shen Weiwei (School of Liberal Arts, Nanjing University)
Chairperson Assistant Professor Zhang Songjian (Chinese Program, School of Humanities, NTU)
​Time 4 April 2018 (Wednesday), 2:30 - 4pm
​Venue CCLC Conference Room (Chinese Heritage Centre, Level 1)

About Speaker

Born in Henan, China, Prof Shen received his PhD from Nanjing University. He taught at Henan University from 1991 to 2001, and joined Nanjing University in January 2002. Prof Shen’s research interests include modern Chinese literature, biography writing, and higher education of modern China. He is the author of more than ten scholarly books including: A Biography of Hu Shih; A Biography of Mao Dun; A Biography of Wu Mi; A Biography of Gao Xingjian; An Examination of Exile Literature of Northeast China; In Defense of Liberty: An Introduction to Hu Shih’s Intellectual Community; Looking at the Xueheng School: Modern Fate of Cultural Conservatism; The Genealogy of Xueheng School: History and Narrative; The Greatness of University; The Grand Cities besides the Great River: Modern Thought and Celebrities.


Over the past decade, Prof Shen have interviewed Gao Xingjian and more than 30 people related to him, including his family members, teachers, classmates, and friends. In addition, he have obtained some relevant archival documents and have clarified the basic problems of Gao Xingjian's life initially.

The details of his life are directly helpful in understanding the text.

At the same time, Prof Shen is looking for the literary experience and the understanding of life on the “road in forest”, designedly following the trace of “I” in Gao Xingjian's novel Soul Mountain.​

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Event At A Glimpse

Chairperson ​Assistant Prof Zhang Songjian and Speaker Prof Shen Weiwei
​ Prof Shen giving the presentation​
 Audiences were captivated by Prof Shen's presentation
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