Academic Team


Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr ZHANG Huimei



ZHANG Huimei
Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Chinese Language and Culture
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Period of Engagement
Janurary 2016 till December 2017
CLC M-05, Centre for Chinese Language and Culture (CCLC)
Nanyang Technological University
Chinese Heritage Centre
12 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637721
Tel. No.
(65) 6908 3442
(65) 6792 2334
Ph.D. (Chinese Studies), National University of Singapore
Bachelor of History, Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) University             
Research Interest
Overseas Chinese
Chinese Associations
 Qiaopi and Qiaokan
Selected Publications Journal Papers
  1. 〈鸿雁传书牵万里——美澳华人移民与家乡之书信往来〉(第三作者),收录于《世界记忆遗产侨批档案国际研讨会论文集》(附印中)
    (Letters Wrote to Home from Overseas Chinese in America and Australia, in The International Symposium on "Chinese Qiaopi & UNESCO Memory of the World Programme conference Proceedings, in press)(3rd author)

  2. 〈陈嘉庚精神及其现代意义〉(第一作者),收录于《华侨大学学报》,2015年第3期。
    (The Tan Kah Kee Spirit and its Contemporary Significance in Journal of Huaqiao University, 2015/3)(1st author)

  3. 〈20世纪中叶新马华人社会与华南互动之探讨〉(第二作者),收录于《南洋问题研究》,2006年第2期(总第126期)。
    (Research on the interaction between South China and Overseas Chinese communities in Singapore and Malaysia on twenty century, in Southeast Asian affairs, Vol, 2, China: 2006) ( 2nd author)

  4. 〈从《潮州乡讯》看新加坡潮人的跨国想象〉,收录于《华南研究资料中心通讯》,香港:华南研究出版社,2005年4月15日第三十九期。
    (The present of Singapore Teochew Community’s transnational imagine from Teochew Magazine, in Communication of  South China research, Hong Kong: 2004)

  5. 〈从一份邮局档案看沦陷前后潮汕地区的社会秩序〉, 收录于《华南研究资料中心通訊》,2004年7月。
    (Research of Chaoshan’s social order before and after Japan’s occupation from a post office’s archives, in Communication of  South China research, Hong Kong: 2004)

  6. 〈比较视野下的海外华人研究——记“亚洲散居者:华人与南亚人的经历再探讨” 国际研会〉(第二作者),收录于《华侨华人历史研究》,2004年第三期。
    (Research of overseas Chinese with comparative perspective: The international seminar of “Asian Diasporas: Re-Visiting The Chinese and South Asian Experiences, in Research of Chinese overseas and overseas Chinese, Vol. 3,China: 2004) (2nd author)

  7. 〈一个社会、两种解读〉,收录于《广西民族学院学报》,2004年第六期。
    (A society, Two different observation, in Journal of Guangxi nationality institute, Vol.6, China: 2004)

  8. 〈潘醒农:平凡中的不平凡〉,收录于《人文杂志》,第二十三期,2004年6月。
    (Pan Xingnong: uncommon within common, in Arts Journal, vol.23, Malaysia: 2004)

  9. 〈战争状态下之传统人文网络与跨国金融活动 ——1939—1945年潮汕与东南亚间 侨汇流通的研究〉,收录于《潮学研究》第十一辑,广州,花城出版社,2004年。
    (The traditional personal network and the transnational finance activity: The research of overseas remittance between Chaoshan and Southeast Asia from 1939 to 1945, in Research of Chaozhou, Vol.11, Chian: 2004)

  10. 〈百姓视野下之“华侨” ——侨批所见之潮安金石龙阁乡陈氏〉,收录于《潮学研究》第 十辑,广州,花城出版社,2002年。
    (The overseas Chinese with the people’s perspective: a case of Chaoan Jinshi Longge village’s Tan association in the overseas Chinese letter, in Research of Chaozhou, Vol.10, China: 2002)

Book Chapters

  1.  〈新马潮人作品中之地方特色与历史关怀—兼论其教学〉,收录于《现代文学及其教学》,万卷楼图书股份有限公司,2013年。
    (The Local Features and Historical Sentiments in Teochew Writers' Works: An Exploration and Discussion on Its Teaching, in Modern Literature and its Teaching, Taiwan:Wan Juan Lou, 2013)
  2. 〈李光耀的人才思想与新加坡的发展战略〉(第二作者),收录于《学者谈李光耀》,新加坡:八方文化创作室,2015年。
    (Lee Kuan Yew’s Views of Talents and the Developmental Strategy of Singapore, in Scholars’ views on Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore: Global Publishing, 2015)(2nd author)

Research in Progress

  1.  One Belt One Road and Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia