About Us


About Us


As an research centre in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) geared towards excellence in teaching and research, the Centre for Chinese Language and Culture (CCLC) was officially set up in April 1994, bestowed with the mission to pass on the groundbreaking spirit of NTU's predecessor, Nanyang University or Nantah, in setting up an educational institution for the teaching and research of the Chinese language and culture.

During the first ten years of its establishment, the Centre offered courses related to Chinese language and culture which NTU students could take as general elective subjects. The Centre also began to enrol graduate students from 1997 onwards, and offered courses for Minor in Chinese from 2000 onwards.

Since September 2003, following the establishment of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) in NTU,  the Centre has transferred its teaching responsibilities to the Division of Chinese -- the flagship division of  HSS -- and continued to strive for excellence in the research of the Chinese language and cultural issues that are of interest to the Chinese communities.

Producing academic publications of high quality has always been a major focus of CCLC. Apart from the Chinese language and cultural issues, the Centre also places its focus on the research of the Chinese language and dialects in Southeast Asia, and relatedly, the Southeast Asian Chinese history, traditional folklores and also local issues in Singapore. Through the years, the Centre has progressed and endeavoured on research of global issues such as Chinese migration and networks.


  • To facilitate, coordinate and encourage inter-disciplinary and discipline-specific research in Chinese language and cultural issues of interest in the Chinese world;

  • To provide a platform for interaction among international and local scholars from various disciplines to exchange latest research findings and ideas;

  • To organize a range of integrated activities such as international conferences, public lectures including “Tan Lark Sye Professorship in Chinese Language and Culture” Public Lectures, academic seminars, public forums and workshops;

  • To produce academic publications including working papers, monographs, books and journals; and

  • To serve as the point of contact between Nanyang Technological University and similar centres in other international and local academic institutions.

Academic Activities:

Apart from undertaking research projects, CCLC organises various kinds of academic activities, such as international conferences, public lectures, seminars and workshops. The Centre also publishes book series, academic monographs and journals. In addition, the Centre holds regular in-house seminars to enhance interaction between our visiting researchers and the general NTU community.

Research Foci:

  • Chinese Migration and Networks: Local and Global Issues ;

  • Chinese Tradition and Cultures in Asia;

  • Chinese Language and Dialects in Asia;

  • Chinese Literature in Asia; and

  • Chinese Education in Southeast Asia;


We have five major publications:

  1. Nanyang Series of Humanities Studies  or Nanyang Series (《南洋人文丛书》)

    The Nanyang Series, launched in early 2006, includes collections of monographs and various serials such as the serials of 1) the History of Nanyang University (“Nantah History Series”, “南洋大学历史研究”系列), 2) Diasporic Chinese Studies ("Chinese Studies Series", "华人研究"系列), 3) the Literary and Cultural Studies ("Literary and Cultural Series", "文学与文化研究"系列) and 4) the National Boundaries and Cultural Configurations (“National Boundaries Series”, “国家疆界与文化图像”系列). All articles published in the Nanyang Series undergo rigorous peer-review.

  2. Nantah Chinese Language and Culture Series  or Nantah Series (《南大语言文化丛书》)

    The Nantah Series includes monographs on Chinese language and culture, Chinese tradition and folklore, and Chinese literature in general. These are the fruits of labour from the collaboration of CCLC's academic staff with overseas research fellows, who have been invited to undertake various research projects with the Centre, and publish their results under the Nantah Series. Since 1994, a total of twenty-three academic monographs have been published under the Nantah Series.

  3. Tan Lark Sye Professorship in Chinese Language and Culture Public Lecture Series (《陈六使中华语言文化公开演讲系列》)  

    The Tan Lark Sye Professorship in Chinese Language and Culture Public Lecture Series  is a collection of public lectures presented by the Visiting Professors under the Tan Lark Sye Professorship Fund. The Professorship was set up in 1998 to invite internationally renowned scholars to visit NTU and delivers public lectures. From 2007 onwards, the Centre publishes the public lectures under the Tan Lark Sye Professorship in Chinese Language and Culture Public Lecture Series.  
  4. International Journal of Diasporic Chinese Studies (《华人研究国际学报》)

    The International Journal of Diasporic Chinese Studies is an ongoing collaboration publication between Centre for Chinese Language & Culture, Nanyang Technological University; Centre for Chinese Migration Studies, University of Nottingham; Center for Overseas Chinese Research, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; and Global Publishing of World Scientific Publishing. Its inaugural issue was published in June 2009.

  5. Nantah Journal of Chinese Language and Culture  or Nantah Journal (《南大语言文化学报》)

    The Nantah Journal is an internationally refereed journal. To date, seven volumes (with thirteen issues) of the journal have been published. The journal has ceased its publication on 3 April 2013.